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Help Catalonia is a digital media created by a collaboration of many different persons with the objective of spreading the word on the situation of the Catalan nation, sharing objective data about the silent war that the Spanish state is waging against this millenary people, and hoping to increase the awareness of the international community in this important matter.

Did you know that the Catalans lost independence in 1714 after being conquered? Did you know that they speak a different Romance (Latin) language and have a distinct and very rich cultural universe that more than 12 million people share? Did you know that Gaudí, the architect of the Sagrada Família, was beaten because he spoke Catalan, or that the Barcelona FC (Barça) was created to promote Catalan culture? Did you know that Catalans are forbidden to call a referendum about their own destiny or that they would be one of the richest countries in the world if they just werent plundered 10%+ of their annual GDP? If this is news for you, please read our site, spread the word, and help Catalonia.

Help Catalonia is not a political website and it doesnt associate with nor support any political party. Furthermore, we dont endorse any specific political ideology or movement, and collaborators are asked to refrain from doing so in their writings. In any case, the articles posted on this site reflect only their authors's opinions and they are not necessarily shared by Help Catalonia.

Well let the famous Catalan musician Pau Casals explain what Catalonia is, as he once did to the General Assembly of the United Nations:

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