Friday, February 21, 2014

Two German Government advisers outline the agreement that Spanish and Catalan governments should reach

The Catalan Way from this past September 11th has marked the onset of a new stage in Catalonia’s self-determination process. Kai-Olaf Lang and Roland Vaubel, two German Government advisers, have already outlined the agreement that spanish and catalan governments should reach in order to avoid escalating matters.

Meanwhile, Madrid authorities are not listening to these international voices and are refusing to negotiate a referendum. Most of the media based in Madrid talk about the catalan process as if it were a sedition process. Not only that, but some prominent voices in Spain like Juan Alberto Belloch, Zaragoza’s Mayor and former minister in the Spanish government, have demanded that Catalan self-government be suspended. Some organizations go even further in their demands, like the Spanish Military Association (AME), the most important military association in Spain, which has proposed to split Catalonia in two states, an independent one and another one annexed to Spain.

Furthermore, socialist and conservative politicians and intellectuals keep comparing Catalan pro-independence aspirations to politics in Germany the 1930’s, despite the warnings by Viviane Reding, European commissioner,  about not trivializing nazism.

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