Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Governing Popular Party Spokesperson Threatens to Take Child Custody from Parents Supporting Strike in Balearics

Spanish Popular Party (PP) Deputy and Balearic Education Department spokesperson Ana María Aguiló warned that the Juvenile Court has the power to withdraw custody if parents do not send their children to school.

The PP deputy set herself at the centre of the political debate after tweeting a warning to parents joining the protest against the Languages Act decreed by Balearic President Bauzà and his government, and said that they could all loose their children’s custody. “Parents are obliged to send their children to school and if they do not do so the Juvenile Court can take custody away” she assured in her tweet.

The message also referred to an article by Fernando Merino in the Balearic edition of Madrid daily El Mundo, in which the author strongly criticised parents that were not sending their children to school in an attempt to avoid some of the costs of the strike to the teachers, the biggest ever in the Balearic islands.

The current school year has started in the Balearic Islands with this huge protest, for an unlimited time, against the goverment’s decree that strongly lessens the use of the local language, Catalan, at school.

Source: Ara.cat

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