Friday, December 7, 2012

Spanish minister Wert: a 1926 precedent

The policy of Spanishizing, or even culturally colonizing Catalonia, is nothing new. Not even Spanish Minister of Education Mr Juan Ignacio Wert's proposal of relegating Catalan to an optional language in Catalonia. The historical document above recently referred to by journalist @AntonioMaestre, publishes a Royal Decree which includes orders to take reprisals against the teachers who did not teach Spanish language in 1926.
As is made clear in the document, its second article establishes a forced transfer of teachers to other regions where Spanish is the only language spoken. Curiously, this is the same punishment included in the bill, as set forth by the conservative FAES Foundation (Foundation for Analysis and Social Studies).
Furthermore, we must not forget that the governing Spanish Conservative Party (Partido Popular), which intends to unilaterally transform the Catalan educational system, only managed an insignificant 9.5% of the total poll in Catalonia on November 25th.
Article 1: Those national teachers, working in a region with another native language, who in their schools ban, abandon or hinder the teaching of the official language [referring to Spanish, not Catalan], will be subject to disciplinary measures and may be punished with suspension without pay from one to three months.

Article 2: In the case of prior record, the Department of Education and Fine Arts will be entitled to transfer the teacher to another town where the only spoken language is the official one, whether it has the same population or less. 

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  • Jordi says:
    December 14, 2012 at 9:12 AM

    Dons a qui fotin fora que els parli català a Salamanca, ara per ara el català es tant 'espanyol' com el castellà per moltes lleis que facin.

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