Sunday, November 18, 2012

Over 600 Catalan towns in favor of independence

Figure A. Catalan towns that have declared themselves in favor of independence.

Today's overwhelming majority of Catalans in favor of independence has its historical origins in the 1714 capture of Barcelona by Spain's absolutist monarchy and the political consequences afterward, all the way to our times. However, nowadays Catalans are using strictly peaceful means to defend and promote their freedom, like setting up organizations that aim at influencing positively the democratic process.

The September 11th, 2012 rally in Barcelona was a clear example of this. One of the key elements in a vibrant democracy is the town council. Therefore, pro-independence local governments have been joining an organization called AMI (Pro-independence Towns Association). In just a few months more than six hundred towns have joined it: exactly 623. Figure A shows in red all the towns in Catalonia that have declared themselves in favor of independence. Figure B shows the percentage of pro-independence towns in each county. At least in three cases this figure is of 100%.  

Figure B. Percentage of pro-independence towns per county.

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