Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spanish Military Association Wants to Declare State of War in Catalonia

“Spain is a totally indissoluble nation. In case of threat of fracture or separatism, according to article number 8 of the Spanish Constitution, we have to guarantee the integrity of the territory. Therefore, it is our opinion that we have to declare a state of war, exception, or siege.” This is the opinion of the president of the Spanish Military Association (AME), Royal Logistics Colonel Leopoldo Muñoz Sánchez, regarding the independence process in Catalonia.

That’s how Colonel Muñoz expresses his opinion on behalf of one of the three largest military associations of Spain, in a documentary about the political process of Catalonia shown in the Dutch television channel “Niewsur”. The leader of the AME, then, would choose to suspend, not only the Catalan institutions (as European Parliament vice-president Alejo Vidal Quadras has suggested), but the exercise of constitutional rights by the citizens of Catalonia, controlling them through a military authoritarian regime.

This is the nth hostile assessment by the Spanish military against a potential independence of Catalonia, which they want to oppose manu militari. In fact, one of the other main associations of Spanish active military, AMARTE, insisted, through their October news bulletin, the army's duty of “maintaining Spain's sacred unity.”

Author: @QuicoSalles
Source: Nació Digital

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